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    NintenKingdom Horror Show


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    NintenKingdom Horror Show

    Post by supercomputer276 on Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:02 am

    Some time back, I was a member of a Nintendo videogame forum, NintenKingdom 64. A veteran member, in fact, having joined near the very beginning and, as I like to think, one of the more important. It's since shut down; a great loss.

    Among other things, we did roleplays there. Most of them were shut down due to inactivity, but three of them did make their way to completion (incidentally, I partook in all three). There was also what we called Special RPGs; these were basically a chance to roleplay without needing to worry about some overall plot.

    I rarely tried my hand at a Special RPG, but there was this one in mid-late 2008, based on Gregory Horror Show. Sadly, my habit of copying down forum roleplays was lacking here, and most of the latter half of the posts were lost, although I remember a general idea of how it went after that. Of course, that'll come at the end of what I've recorded, recreated her exactly how it was posted.

    I'll be posting it a bit at a time. Thanks go out to all thirteen NKers who took the time to check in.


    A dark foggy night. A dead forest. A wooden hotel that looks to be out of last century. This is Gregory House, the Hotel of Lost Souls. However, something has happened that caused all of the old inhabitants to vanish, not a living-nor-dead soul left. The only sign of movement are the captured souls wandering in their jars in a deep dank chamber seen by few.

    SC finds this abandoned world and links it to NintenKingdom City so the NKers can come stay... although they still might have trouble checking out. He takes on Gregory's role, acting as caretaker and helping guests with whatever problems they have. The guests may wander the hotel, talk to the others, and explore the large building all over, although they may find it difficult to get outside.

    This Special RPG is based on the CG anime, Gregory Horror Show. Check out www.gregoryhorror.com and YouTube for more details.

    The lobby of the abandoned hotel was dark as always, given the near complete lack of electric power in the building. Only the candles set up around the room provided light, although there were several of them. SC276, dressed up in a simple black jacket over his usual Game Over shirt and dark instead of tan pants (although his shoes were white as usual), shuffled through some of the documents of the front desk.

    "Give it my best shot to keep myself red hot, 'cause I'm the one to bring back the original," he rapped to himself as he did so. "Flava flava for my people people, come on kids, last shot for the final."

    By now he had everything in order. He picked up the very old looking book holding the guest registery and flipped it open to the last page. Several names he had heard of were on the last page, and all were checking out. The last time on the registery was Gregory, the old caretaker. "Talk about a surge... I wonder why everyone left..."

    "Hm... no matter. I'm in charge of this hotel now." He opened a desk drawer beneath the desk and shut the old registery inside. He then pulled out a brand new sky blue registery with a golden NK64 logo on the front, opened it to the first page, and set it on the desk.

    "Now I already repainted the sign outside to read 'NintenKingdom House' and I set up the connection portal right outside the front door. Now all I need to do is wait for some guests." He started humming a rap to himself to pass the time.

    A Potted Ghost rolled in through the front door, closing it carefully behind herself. She rolled up to the Registry, and signed the name, "Jellyfrost," on the first page.

    Jellyfrost backpedalled out of the way of the registry, and looked around.

    "Um..." SC hadn't expected his first guest to be so forward. Normally, he expected his guests to say their name and he'd write it down. "Room for the night?" he asked as he filled in the rest of the information in the registry.

    "Sure. Do you just randomly assign them, or can we pick?"

    A small, blue shy guy walked in with several instrument cases on a trolley.

    He walked up to SC and said, "Suite. One person. Name's Timpani. I'm having "Guests" later." He looked at SC dead in the eye.

    "I assign the rooms in order," SC answered Jellyfrost. "So you'd get room 001."

    He logged Timpani in the registry. "OK, Mr. Timpani, you get room 002. Although your guests might have to get seperate rooms if they're going to be staying."

    He reached behind the counter and pulled out two keys attached to two circular plastic plates. One plate had "001" printed on it in blood red ink, the other "002". He gave the 001 key to Jellyfrost and the 002 key to Timpani. "Ms. Jellyfrost, head through that door over there," he instructed, pointing across the room to the door in the far left corner from the door. "Take the turn and your room will be the first room on the right. Mr. Timpani, your room will be the one next to hers. Sorry I can't show you where they are myself, but I have to take care of other guests that arrive."

    Amy Moonshroud strolled into the hotel, admiring it's decor, before walking up to the counter. It was then that she noticed SC standing there. "Oh, I didn't think you were the owner of this hotel," she said, a bit startled by seeing him again. "Anyways, I'd like a suite for one, please."

    "Sure thing." SC got Amy's information and added it to the registry. She handed her a key where the plastic plate read "003." "Through that door, 'round the bend, third door on the right. Do enjoy your stay."

    A Gothic looking woman walked in the door. She wore all black, her hair was black, with a little bit of blood red in it. She wore chains, and stubs and all kinds of metal you could imagine, her left ear must have had four different piercings in it. She walked to the front desk, to meet Supercomputer. "One room if you please. Put it under the name of Mina please," She requested in a smooth charismatic voice.

    SC was thrown by the new girl's appearence but quickly regained his composure. "Mina. Right." He quickly wrote down the info in the registry and handed her the key to room 004. He then gave her the directions to the room, which were roughly the same except that it was the fourth door to the right.

    "Thank you," Amy said, taking her key and walking towards her designated room with her luggage. She wondered what all there was to do in this hotel as she unlocked the door to Room 003 and walked inside.

    The primary sources of light in the hotel were candles, set along the walls every two or three feet in the common rooms and hallways.

    Amy's room (along with everyone else's once they entered) was rather small for a hotel room. In fact, it was smaller then most motel rooms. The walls and floor were all wood, although they were varnished. There was a desk with a phone, a bed with white sheets and a green blanket, a small nightstand with a lit candle resting on it (which served as the only source of light in the room), a steamer trunk for storing objects at the foot of the bed, and a two-drawer filing cabinet next to the desk.

    "Thanks cutie," Mina said to SC, and went to her room

    A Magikoopa dressed in Black walked threw the front door, a suit case rolling behind him by itself. He walked up to the front desk. "Names Vorroth. Room for one." said Vorroth.

    Jellyfrost followed the directions to her room, and rolled inside. The size didn't bother her, anything bigger than her pot was relatively roomy. She rolled over to the filing cabinet, attempted to open it, and if possible, looked inside.

    Jellyfrost would find the filing cabinet empty.

    SC wrote down Vorroth in the registry and handed him the room 005 key. Following the same directions, it was the fifth door on the right.

    Jellyfrost activated her boosters, flying up and landing in the cabinet. This would make a good place to sleep, since beds aren't good for pots.

    Timpani rolled his eyes and walked to his room. He unlocked the door and went in. He ,u,bled under his breath,
    "[size=5pt]...some suite it would have done better to stay at cousins at least i'd get more than a bed.......[/size]" He dropped off his stuff, then went to the desk. He jumped on the counter to see, and said "Is there a pool?"

    "A pool? I think there's one on the second floor, but I still need to give that floor another run-through before I allow anyone up there." It could be seen that the stairs leading to the second floor were blocked with police tape. "Now if you would be so kind as to get off my desk..."

    "Yeah, whatever." Timpani jumped down and headed to the stairs.

    SC shot and blocked the stairs. "I'm serious! If the reason the hotel was abandoned is something up there, we might never hear from you again! And I wouldn't want anything to happen to you..."

    "Uh huh. If this something is getting in the way of the pool, the it has it coming.Move over!"

    "Do you know how long this hotel was abandoned?" SC explained. "The last guest checked out twenty years ago. I only found the place last month and started fixing it up. The second floor is still unsafe. Rotten floorboards everywhere! So unless you're eager about falling through the floor, I'd stay on the ground if I were you. I assure you once the second floor is open, you'll be the first person I tell."

    Timpani reached his hand into his... pocket. He pulled it out, and scremed, "FEEL THE WRATH OF MY KNIFE!" and stabbed SC with thin air. "Hm. Must have left it in my other pants...." Timpani left to go sulk.

    SC watched Timpani leave, and once he was gone, returned to the front desk. "I hope we don't have any more episodes like that... Better call up the restoration team to get to work on that second floor..." He pulled a key topped with a purple diamond out of his pocket, closed and put away the registry log in a desk drawer, then unlocked the door behind the desk with a small plauqe (SP?) labeled "CARETAKER" on it and headed inside, locking the door behind him.

    To be continued...

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    Re: NintenKingdom Horror Show

    Post by supercomputer276 on Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:48 am

    Mina took off her trench coat, and put it on her bed, revealing the corset she was wearing. Providing there was a window in her room, she simply stared out it. "Ah... the beauty of the night," She said to herself.

    Vorroth took his key and went to the room given to him(Room 005), his suit case rolling behind him. He opened the door and walked in. "This room is too dark." said Vorroth. On his words his suit case opened an a candelabra with candles was the only thing in it. he picked it up and set it on the night stand. He used the lit candle to light his candelabra and he then snuffed out the candle that was there. He sat down on the bed. "My book please." said Vorroth and his suit case closed and came over to him. It opened up again and a single book was in it this time. He picked the book up and started to read. The suit case closed itself and went over to a corner.

    Mina stared at the wall then, and still took in the beauty of the night.

    Bewildered at the sudden change in scenery, a new arrival stumbled through the grounds. Seeing the nearby cemetary, he made a mental note of it as the only building nearby seemed the clearest place to go.

    There was a creak as what looked like a white paw pushed open the door. A creature shuffled into the main lobby, it's silhoutte shaky, a tall figure with two arms, one carrying a shovel. It's head seemed to have five floppy spike-looking things protruding out of it. This living sock puppet moved relatively silently towards SuperComp.232 or whatever his number is.

    "Hello there sir." The creature said, the noise comming from inside the hole which was it's mouth, which seemed to go into nothingness just like it's eye-holes, only one of which was full, and what it was full of was an eerie fog-like light it was using to look at the new caretaker. "...I noticed there was a cemetary out there on my way in. Tell me... is there a current caretaker?..."

    SC wasn't present, as he was in the room behind the desk. When he heard the strange creature talking, he quickly came out. "Sorry, um... My apologies, I was making a phone call. Gotta get a phone out here... Anyways I'm the caretaker of this establishment. I'm SC, this is the NintenKingdom House."

    He pulled the registery book out of his place and opened it. He then picked up a pen and got ready to write. "Name, gender, and species please."

    A group of shyguys walked through the door. They were many colors, and each had a trolley, much like the one Timpani had. From the shyguy crowd, Paraboo walked toward the desk. He wasn't very tall, so he hovered up to eye level. He waited for SC to be finished with the guy.

    "Oh. Um. Okay..." The creature said. It seemed a bit... lost. However that was likely nothing new here by far.

    "Name is Scrap. Gender..." It paused for a moment. "Uhm." It is hard to tell something's gender when it does not reproduce by... well, the standard of this dimension. Rather than have to delve into the intricasies of what to say when it's a magical being that'd be closer to a robot than anything else it ended up saying "decidedly male. Species..." At this point it seemed sort of confused and stared closer at SC, as if scanning him. "The closest thing would be... raggamuffin, by your standards."

    After saying this, Scrap noticed the crowd behind him and moved a little to the left so as not to obscure their way.
    "...I'm quite handy with a shovel sir." He said, gesturing to the one he always carried with him "...so I could do the job very... efficiently."

    SC recorded Scrap's information. "Very good, Mr. Scrap." He handed the room 006 key to "him." "Through that door next to the left stairway, 'round the corner, fifth door on the left."

    He turned to Paraboo. "And are you and your friends getting a room? Please make it quick, I have to finish my phone call."

    "No, we're here with Timpani. Is there anything we have to do, or can you give us the room and let us move along?"

    "OK then, Timpani's room is room 002. Through that same door I pointed Mr. Scrap to, 'round the bend, second on the right. Now if you'll excuse me..." SC headed back through the Caretaker door and emerged with a small sign and one of those desk bells, both of which he placed on the desk. The sign read "If no one is at desk, ring bell for service." He then returned to his room, this time leaving the door unlocked in case anyone came up, and continued the phone call.

    Scrap not knowing what to do decided to wait for the caretaker to finish the phonecall before making his inquiry.
    In the meantime, he held the door in question open for Timpani's crew.

    "Family, is it?" He said, guessing they were related to the guest he hadn't seen yet in question as they were a large group.

    "Well, not really.... Timpani and I don't get along, even tho we were neighbors for a while, but I come to play music with him still, even tho he always tries to kill me. These guys a re just here for the music." While he was talking, one of the shyguys opened his case and pulled out a tuba. He gave it a short, loud blast.

    Amy, getting a bit bored by her reading, walked out of her room and back into the lobby area, trying to find some place to explore that wasn't barred off.

    Jellyfrost fell asleep inside her filing cabinet. She probably wouldn't wake up until (a week from this Sunday) some arbitrary event outside of the house happened to wake her up.

    SC emerged from his room, carrying a sign with a stand on the back similar to picture frames. He put it on a corner of the desk, where anyone in the lobby would see it was a map of the first floor.

    (NOTE: map is NOT to scale)

    "Repair crew's on the way..." he said mostly to himself. He looked up and saw Amy and Scrap. He noticed Scrap seemed to be waiting for him. "...can I help you, Mr. Scrap?"

    "Why yes. I noticed a graveyard on the way in as I said... perhaps I could help you with that while I stay here? I am not sure how long that will be though." This was a natural thing to ask for Scrap, as it was obvious the caretaker was fixing up the place and might've needed help.

    "Eh I don't know anything about the graveyard except that it came with the property," SC admitted. "By the way, what exactly did you mean by 'help?'"

    Scrap didn't think he had to point out the shovel he was carrying but he did so anyway.

    "Groundskeeping." He said. "I'm very proficient in any sort of clean-up that would be needed. Any."

    SC was a tad confused, but got the gist of it. "I don't think groundskeeping duties will be necessarily, seeing as how there's only one door leading outside." He eyed the front door. "And I'm not really taking applicatons at the moment," he added. "Although if you're handy with tools, you might be able to help the repair team."

    *2 characters walk into the hotel. One of them was a Shy-guy with a Shy Guy/Snifit Pin, and the other one was a Boo wearing glasses, a baseball cap, and a clip-on tie*

    "Dude, I told you we should've gone with the long way, but Nooooo, you had to take that shortcut!" The Shy Guy said

    "Sorry man, I sensed something here and I felt I HAD to come here" The boo said

    "Room for the night?" SC asked the Shy Guy and Boo.

    "Sup? Name's Mr. X...or X" The Shy Guy Said

    "My name is Bruce" The Boo said

    "And yeah...2 seprate rooms" X said

    Scrap decided to wander the halls going the long way around to his room, hoping to find someone to talk to or something.

    "I just hope the rooms aren't as creepy as this lobby" X said

    "I hope it is" Bruce replied

    SC pulled out the registry and recorded the two newcomers down. He then handed Mr. X the room 007 key and Bruce room 008. "Through that door over there, 'round the bend. Mr. X's room is fourth on the left, Mr. Bruce's third on the left."

    *X and Bruce took their keys. Bruce went on upstairs while X stayed in the lobby*

    "Yo man, are there any cute girls here?" X asked SC

    "First, tell me why your friend went upstairs and through the police tape I put over it."

    Since there were no candles upstairs, Bruce wouldn't be able to see anything, even if he had excellent night vision.

    To be continued...

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    Re: NintenKingdom Horror Show

    Post by supercomputer276 on Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:11 pm

    POW! Timpani's room door flied open, Timpani and Paraboo locked in epic combat. Well, they were just smacking each other with flutes, but... Timpani smacked Paraboo aganst the wall. He had a gash on his leg, bleeding on his pants. Timpani was in perfect condition, albeit tired. They parryed each others blows and went down the hall. Looking in the room, someone would see shyguys with big instruments on their heads. The waking ones slowly made there way out of the hotel.

    SC heard the commotion and saw the leaving Shy Guys. "Could you please excuse me for a minute?" he asked Mr. X and headed into the hallway.

    Once he saw the fight, he blew a shrill whistle to get their attention. "What do you think you're doing?"

    Timpani shoved Paraboo into another wall. "He said my flute 'Was a little sharp'!" Meanwhile, paraboo mumbled something about getting a tuner.

    "So because he believes your flute is off key, you're beating him to death with it?"

    "Um, yeah."

    Mina appeared in the hallway, in which Paraboo and Timpani had their conflict. "What is this that disrupts my meditation?" She asked in a rather annoyed tone.

    "These two were beating each other to death over a supposidly off-tune flute," SC replied.

    Mina stared at the wound on Paraboo's leg, and licked her lips. She quickly snapped out of it, and asked SC, "Is there anything to eat around here?"

    Vorroth opened his door and walked into the hall, book still in hand. "What in the world is going on? I was trying to read." said Vorroth.

    "You might want to ask them," SC replied to Vorroth, pointing to Paraboo and Timpani. He turned to Mina. "As to something to eat, the chef I've hired to man the kitchen will arrive soon and dinner will be served shortly afterwards." There was the sound of the front door opening and closing. "Ah that's probably him now. Can I trust you two to settle this without tearing the hotel down?" With that, he left for the lobby without even waiting for a reply.

    "I'll watch them," Mina shouted back to SC.

    "So, whats with the commotion?" asked Vorroth.

    "These two were getting in a scuffle over some unimportant thing such as their inability to play a musical instrument" Mina replied to Vorroth...

    *while the commotion went on, X went to his room too*

    "Wow...looks kind of haunted..." X said

    *Bruce was next door enjoying the haunted room scene*

    Timpani spoke with elaborate hand motions. "Ok. So we start playing-" At this point paraboo knocks Timpani out, and drags him back to his room, while laughing nervously. He dusted himself off and went to the desk to ask for his own room.

    "Oh, so they are being idiots. Well since I'm out here might as well take a stroll." said Vorroth. He returned his book to his room and then he started aimlessly walking threw the halls on the first floor.

    *X set up his stuff in his room*

    "Here you go little guy.." X said to his pet mouser.

    *Bruce started listening to Korn on his MP3 player*

    As Paraboo arrived in the lobby, the big double doors that were across from the front door were closing behind someone, but he couldn't see who. SC was walking back behind the front desk.

    *X exited the room and roamed the halls searching for a cute girl or if Lady Bow was inhabiting the haunted walls*

    Mr. X probably would've noticed Mina.

    *Bruce was busy haunting the residents through the hotel walls*

    "Mhm, I hunger. I truly hope I can find something... juicy." Mina muttered, heading for the dining room to await her meal.

    Mina shivered, and looked back at X. "Ah, why hello there. A beautiful evening would you not agree?" Mina asked X, in a very malevolent, seductive tone.

    "Hi there, name's X...Mr. X" X introed

    *Bruce cackled from inside the walls*

    "That's an odd name." Mina stuck her hand out, palm down. "I am known as Mina," Mina was pretty classy for a Goth.

    Mina was confused, as to why X did not kiss her hand, but shook it off anyway. Mina looked around, for Bruce. "Well, it would seem that your friend isn't around. Here, I'm going to the Dining Hall and I would love for you to join me,"

    "Yeah, can I have a room of my own? My wing is slightly damaged and I dont think I can make it all the way home yet."

    By now Scrap had probably reached his room and went inside to check it out.
    "This should do fine... for however long I am staying. It beats caves..." He muttered as he telescoped his shovel and then swallowed it. Inside his felt exterior... well, it was a safe place for storing things, and he suddenly realized that he had forgot to mention his... peculiar eating habits.

    As such, he exited his room, and headed towards the lobby where he expected he could mention it, not knowing the chef had arrived.

    "Not a problem, but please refrain from killing the other guests during your stay," SC said as he wrote down Paraboo in the registry. He handed him the room 009 key. "Down that hallway, second door on the left."

    "Ill be sure to keep that in mind." He walkedd to his room.

    "Sure, let's go!" X said walking towards the dining room

    *Bruce was in the walls following Mina*

    Mina put her hand on X's back as the walked. "So what do you guys have under those masks anyway?"

    "Oh, heh heh, trade secret I'm afraid..." X answered

    *Bruce made a cackling sound*

    Scrap was probably in the lobby again now.

    He was seeing if there were any other guests around... but also, listening to hear if there was anything going on in the kitchen area. He had his head up against the keyhole, if any were wandering close enough to see him.

    "My friend, Bruce is probably out haunting some people..." X said to Mina

    Beyond the double-doors in the lobby was a short wide hallway to another double-doors. On the other side of those was the dining room. A long table was in the middle with about a dozen and half seats about it, along with two chairs at the ends. The walls in this room, unlike in the rooms, were wallpapered with yellow and green stripes, while most of the rest of the hotel was blue and purple fills. Two small chandeliers with several candles blazing were above the ends of the tables. Each chair already had a setting at it. In the far right corner was a door labeled "Kitchen," but anyone that tried the door would find it locked. If one listened at the door, one could hear a male and somewhat French voice singing to himself.

    With a lack of what to do, Scrap tried knocking on the door...

    "Haunting? He dosn't know the definition of scary," Mina muttered. She arrived in the Dining Room, and took a seat to await dinner.

    "Y'know, that door's unlocked," SC called to Scrap from the front desk.

    "He's kind of geeky...or he's probably back there listening to Korn or Slipknot....he loves Nu-Metal" X explained

    Scrap shuffled inside the room, noticing those who had already entered. He stared at them for a bit, then walked over to the door to the kitchen, finding it locked.

    "Hmm... Has anyone talked to the chef yet?" Scrap asked the others.

    "Oh well, it's probably nothing" X said

    *Bruce suddenly reappeared behind Mina with his lips pulled to the back of his face making him look like the Chatterer*

    Vorroth entered the dinning room and sat down.

    Paraboo and Timpani did too, sitting on opposite ends of the table.

    "Bruce, quit it...oh by the way Mina, this is my friend...Bruce" X introduced

    "Whassup?" Bruce said

    "I though I felt a presence around us," Mina muttered, not at all phased by Bruce's antics.

    "Heh...bye.."Bruce said as he disappeared slightly but reappeared, "Crud! I still can't get that right!" Bruce said

    Scrap looked a little sad.

    "Hey... didn't anyone hear me?"

    He didn't even get to know the other guests yet and already they were ignoring him.

    "Huh? oh sorry....um who are you?" X asked Scrap

    Mina looked down at Scrap. "Aww, it's cute," She commented on him.

    Jellyfrost the Potted Ghost woke up from sleeping in the cabinet in her room, and exited. Before long she found herself entering the dining room, looking at the other guests.

    Yet another guest had just now arrived at the hotel. Walking in through the front doors was what appeared to be a red turtle, not unlike a Koopa in appearance and size. Notable differences were a lack of shoes, webbed feet, a bird-like beak, and shaggy hair that stuck out from under a bent, black stove-pipe hat.

    The terrapin observed the surroundings of the lobby. He noticed the candles, and rubbed his beak in thought. After about two minutes of observing the lobby, the turtle headed towards the front desk and looked up to the manager. "Er, pardon me, sir, but I'd like a room for the night, if that's alright..." The reptile spoke in a friendly, bright-sounding yet gentle and polite voice.

    *Bruce was wandering the hotel searching for a pair of new triple a batteries*

    *X was in the dining hall eating fruit*

    "Yes of course, sir," SC replied to the terrapin. He started the entry in the registry. "Name please."

    There was the sound of the kitchen door unlocking and it swung open with such fevor it would flatten whoever it hit. Out pranced a koopa in a black chef's outfit, with a black shell with a Poison Mushroom on the back. He carried a small cooking pot and a metal ladle in his hands.

    "Le poison, le poison, I don't know ze words," he sang to the tune of that Little Mermaid song as he moved around the dining hall. "Thiz zoup that I made from ze egg of a bird. Zrambled to perfection and melted to goop, all zhall enjoy my small bird's egg zoup." As he moved around he used the ladle to pour some of the yellow goopy substance, which was apparently supposed to be soup, into the bowls in front of all the taken seats.

    When he finished, he turned to those assembled. "Allow me to introduce myzelf. I am known as Keaton. I am ze Game Over'z head chef, and Zir SC azked me to come here to be ze cook of thiz hotel. Zorry if ze zoup is not to your likink; normally otherz are cookink with me. If you ever need anythink, I zhall be in ze kitchen." With that he headed back through the door, although he didn't lock it this time.

    To be continued...

    (There's probably only going to be one other part after this one...)

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    Re: NintenKingdom Horror Show

    Post by supercomputer276 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:39 pm

    "Strindle, sir," the turtle said with a friendly grin. "Ah, before you do so... please don't mistake me for a Koopa. I am what is known as a Kappa, an entirely different species." Strindle looked awfully proud as he explained this.

    SC finished the entry. "OK, Mr. Strindle, you will have room 010." He handed him the room 010 key. "Through that door in the corner over there, around the bend, and the first door on your left. Use the map here if you get lost. Most of the other guests are through the double-doors there to dinner. Perhaps you might care to join them?"

    "Thank you kindly, sir!" Strindle politely thanked SC, and tipped his hat to him. Underneath the hat, hidden in all the shaggy hair, was what looked like a bowl full of water, dug into the Kappa's head. "A little dinner and socializing couldn't hurt... who knows who I'll meet?" The Kappa murmured to himself as he headed towards the double doors that led to the dining room.

    "who's this clown?" Bruce said to himself from behind the shadows

    Mina looked at the soup, and took a long smell of it. "Well, as long as there is no garlic in it, I should be fine," She commented, took her spoon and began to eat her soup.

    *X thogutht to himself*

    "Garlic...could she be....no..." X thought...

    "I told my suitcase to take cooking classes, but no it had to take art classes. When am I ever going to need art on the go!?" mumbled Vorroth to himself. He picked up his spoon and ate the first spoon full. "Well at least the first bite didn't kill me, yet." He continued to eat the soup.

    The taste of the soup would be just as Keaton's singing described it: goopy scrambled eggs.

    "You see Mina, I used to work in...well i still work in Toad Town as the delivery boy..." X explained

    Mina began filling her soup with salt and pepper. "Delivery boy you say? How did you get that job?" She asked.

    "I don't know....but I should've gotten a better one..I'm a computer hacker and tech whiz" X replied

    Strindle entered the dining room and had a look around at the setting and guests. He noticed a Koopa, a Paratroopa, two Shy Guys... not terribly crowded, but Strindle was never one for crowds, anyway. He spied a black-haired woman... Strindle thought that she looked much like a common vampire, but he knew not to judge.

    Strindle cheerfully walked over to the large table and took a seat. "Hello, fellows!" he chirped, waving to the others at the table.

    "Oh dear." Scrap said. "This... this won't really do..."
    He used his spoon to emphasize this as he picked up a glob and dropped it back, it probably looked like an oyster.

    He then scanned the room for what light sources there was.

    Paraboo devoured the soup quickly, looking for bread and butter to finish it off. Timpani however, did not touch it, disgusted by the smell.

    " So what do you do for a living Mina?" X asked Mina

    Seeing as Scrap was, how we say, highly flammable, he stayed as far away from the candles as possible.
    Instead, he tried sucking the energy out of the soup- it would kind of look like long-distance eating. As it must have taken a lot to melt the eggs, this might have done him well...

    However he looked over at whoever was next to him.
    "Anybody have something a little more... energetic?" He asked.

    "I work at a music store," Mina told X. Mina looked over at Scrap and tossed him a battery she had lying around in her pocket. "Will that do Mr. Doll?" She asked Scrap.

    "... Erm..." Strindle frowned a little, seeing that nobody had noticed him; or, at least, greeted him. ".... Hello?" he politely attempted to greet them again.

    "Oh! Hello!" After saying this Paraboo jumped out of his seat, flew across the table to strindle. "My name is Paraboo, that's Timpani! What's your name, I'm sure we can be friends!"

    Strindle smiled, pleased that somebody was being so friendly to him. "Most certainly! I go by the name of Strindle." Strindle bowed politely, but his hat slipped slightly, and he resumed his straight position, chuckling slightly. "Can't let that thing fall off..."

    Scrap eyed it, and then he smiled widely.
    "Excellent!" He said, and swallowed it as one might swallow a pill.

    There was the sound similar to a electical discharge, and the black spike-like things on Scrap's head suddenly glowed bright white for a moment, then went back to their usual color, only they now made a slight hum.

    "That was great!" He said, and pushed his bowl over to Mina. "You may have mine if you like."

    "Music? Like what? Classic? Hip-Hop, metal, Punk?" X asked

    Keaton burst out of the kitchen, holding the pot of bird's egg soup. "C'est? Do I hear a new cuztomer!" He quickly sat Strindle down in an empty seat near Mina and Mr. X and filled his bowl with the goopy yellow substance. "I am Keaton, ze head chef. Do let me know if you need anythink." He was gone back into the kitchen as quickly as he came.

    Strindle was clumsily ushered into a seat, and then smiled at the good service of the hotel. "Why thank you, si-" he began to thank Keaton, but before he knew it, the chef had returned to the kitchen.

    "Um...may I have a glass of orange juice?" X asked

    Potted Ghosts don't eat in the normal way, but..
    Jellyfrost poured the soup into her pot.

    It was around this time that SC entered the dining room. He didn't make eye contact with the members as he walked into the kitchen, nibbling on a salami and cheese sandwich.

    Jellyfrost didn't mind, soup was far easier for her to eat than a sandwich.

    "Nice place here. The cabinet in my room is perfect! Is there any way I can ask to have the bed removed?"

    SC came out of the kitchen. "Say what? Your bed removed? Hm... I'll see what I can do."

    *Bruce was searching for people to scare and X was bored out of his mask*

    "Thank you. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to have it out of the way. "
    Jellyfrost looked around at the other guests, wondering who would be nice to talk to.

    SC nodded at Jellyfrost with a small sound of understanding before heading out toward the lobby to make a call.

    *Bruce apeared from the wall and attempted to frighten JellyFrost*

    End of recording

    After dinner, all the guests went to bed, although Scrap roamed the halls a bit and found Judgment Boy moving around, which was weird because, as you recall, the hotel had been abandoned by the GHS cast twenty years ago. He asked the question I had come up with that "I" told Judgment Boy in Requiem for the Forgotten Reality; in fact, its appearance there was a reference to this. That morning, breakfast is delayed by Hell's Chef sudden appearance in the kitchen and attacking of Keaton and the guests, but they managed to blow out his flame; SC asked Scrap to bury him in the graveyard outside the hotel. However, at this point, the roleplay died and was closed because I was stupid enough to wait for Scrap's player to respond, since he came on the forum in bursts of intervals before leaving for months at a time.

    A thanks to the ten NK members who participated: Lonely Yoshi, Paraboo, Pokemaniac Joe / Daroach, Question, King Doopliss, Fwipp Deathspeeder, Mr. X, Goomba Joe / Heffy, Midna, and yoshisandclarinets.

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