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    A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

    Mr J

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    A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

    Post by Mr J on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:40 am

    Twas the night before Christmas, when in Gregory House
    A Creature was stirring but a Rat not a Mouse.
    The Stockings annoyed him a simpler pet peeve.
    Santa or Christmas Gregory did not believe

    The children were in bed {the few that were here.}
    and the others were busy partying drunk on beer.
    Mama Rat in the Soul Room and Gregory in the hall
    And all of the others were simply having a ball.

    When upon the rooftop he heard a lound thump.
    And Gregory knew all the night things that bump.
    This wasn't on Schedule who knows what it'd be
    Well there was one way to find out he'd go up there and see

    As he climbed to the roof with the prompters good aid
    dusting off his jacket annoyed not afraid.
    "I'm an old rat getting up was a pain"
    But the man that he saw was both human and sane.

    Not a Glimmer of Madness in those twinkling eyes
    The sheer presence of him took the Rat by surprise
    What Gregory saw next wasn't that clear
    but an red riding sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

    "who is this man" Gregory thought to himself
    "that chubby fat guy who hangs out with an elf?"
    The man walked to the chimmney with a smiled on his lips
    and slid right on down despite his fat hips.

    Gregory followed the man as a caretaker ought
    and leapt down the chimmney without a second thought
    The man landed safely like he always would do.
    But Gregory landed in Hells Chef Blood Stew.

    Climbing out gregory asked. "Sir Why did you come?"
    "If your looking for Nice peopl im afraid youll find none"
    The man turned to Gregory and chuckled a bit.
    "I've come for a friend whom I like to visit"

    "A Friend?" Gregory asked "Some guest or another?"
    The Man shook his head "No I mean your mother."
    Gregory nearly fainted or died from this shock
    he stood petrified as stiff as a rock.

    "Gregory where are you?" His mother did call
    her voice echoing as she walked down the hall
    Santa walked towards her carrying his sack.
    With barely a glance to Gregory at his back

    Into her soul room the two went for a chat
    the thought sending shivers up the back of the rat
    "How could mama know santa?" Gregory asked to thin air
    "She's certainly not nice and does not even care"

    An hour had passed before santa came back.
    "Now to the lobby" he said hoisting his pack
    Gregory had followed him to the lobby
    With a wave of his hand appeared a tree

    "For lost doll a Dollhouse and a new doll named grady
    i'm sure she'll have fun if she could only find katie.
    and for little toilet baby a plunger slash rattle
    and for cactus girl an rope for roping cattle"

    "But she doesn't rope cattle" Gregory did say
    "Well it doesnt really matter it's only for play
    And for little James his own special train.
    There's gifts for them all even if they're a pain"

    "But what about me?" As Gregory feeling quite small.
    "For you there's three presents one greatest of all.
    An Big Wheel of Cheese and a cold can of beer.
    But the greatest of presents youll find simply here"

    He pulled from his bag and fancy laptop
    he connected to wifi and a website did pop.
    "What is this?" asked the rat with a bit of decorum
    "It's the Gregory Horror Show Fansite and Forum"

    "It's members are Real and they're fans of your work.
    Some even defend you even when your a jerk.
    an they all have a loose grip on reality"
    Gregory smiled and chuckled "I see."

    And then onto gregorys face it did zoom.
    "My friend come and join us theres plenty of room"
    But who you may wonder is gregory speaking too.
    "Well the answer my friend is i'm speaking to you"

    "I'll be seeing you soon when I come to your dreams"
    The old rat does chuckle in spite of your screams.
    And the screen going black your heart filled with fright
    "Merry christmas to all and to all a good night"



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    Re: A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

    Post by supercomputer276 on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:55 pm

    Oh god, this was hilarious! The "lobby / tree" pairing seems rather off, probably because the latter line's missing a syllable or two. The punctuation is also all over the place. But overall, awesome work!

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    Re: A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

    Post by EriiMadness on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:30 pm

    Amazing, Mr.J, amazing. XD That was just...ahahaha

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    Re: A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

    Post by Becca-chan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:57 pm

    That was awesome! I've always wondered what Christmas was like for the residents at the hotel. XD ( LOL, Gregory worrying about Gregory Mama and Santa's relationships)

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    Re: A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

    Post by maddly on Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:50 pm

    this was kawaii

    i think im going to go read santa mouse now

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    Re: A Very Gregory Christmas {a month early}

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