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    Post by taitofan on Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:17 pm

    Okay, I gotta know. Does anyone here like the Star Ocean series? Or even a single game? It's one of my favorite video game series and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (aka Star Ocean 3) is my favorite game EVER.

    Star Ocean is nice mix of fantasy and sci-fi (usually heavier on the sci-fi), and I love how the fighting works (it's a lot like the Tales games). It's a great series for JRPG fans, though for a starting point I've have to recommend Star Ocean: The Second Story (aka Star Ocean 2). It's probably the best game of the series on most accounts, even if I like SO3 more. SO2 is still absolutely amazing.

    The think I love the most about this series are the characters. The main cast members are so likable, and in SO3's case, even the important NPCs have so much character! Heck, my favorite character is an NPC. The locales are gorgeous, the music is beautiful... YMMV on the plot twists though. I won't spoil that in this post though.

    I could gush for days, but I'll stop there. If you haven't played a Star Ocean game, I recommend at least checking it out if anything I said sounds interesting. If you have...talk to me please? =D?

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