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    The Destiny call me to room 205 xDDD


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    The Destiny call me to room 205 xDDD Empty The Destiny call me to room 205 xDDD

    Post by skullvic on Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:02 am

    Only to say... T-T finally I found EpicFans of GHS!!!
    and I found artist xDD wow you draw so well Sonic xDD

    Hi everyone!Sorry about my bad english xD my name's victor, Skullvic for friends xD
    Since 6 years ago, Gregory Horror Show was my pasion
    the story arround that strange world that everyone could arrive...
    the characters xDD mad, funny & soo coool XDDD ¿my favorite one? I can't ask this XD key player GREGORY and seconday actors HELLCHEF, FORTUNETELLER, JAMES, CLOCKMASTER
    I don't know how to choose xDD actually I like everyone XDDDD

    So if you want to be friend of a terrible GHS freak guy (with anothers hobbies as Manga, anime, films etc etc)You must choose me as you're best choice!!! xDD
    I won't disappoint you, my friend xDD

    Finally I want to invite you to join DEVIANTART.COM GregoryHorrorShowFanClub xDD
    this is a webpage of aaaall kinds artists when I found the FanClub XDD
    Yo can see the pictures of GHS... but you can see pictures, drawings and photograpys of thousands of artists
    see you then
    join me to msn if you want xDD I will glad to talk with my FANMATES xDD

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