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    Let's Play


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    Let's Play

    Post by supercomputer276 on Thu May 24, 2012 10:44 pm

    Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector was released only in Europe and Japan. So how do States-side fans like me know about it? By watching other people play it while they yap their mouths off!

    Share all Let's Play of Soul Collector that you've found in this topic. I've got a lucky three to start us off on, each providing a unique insight into the game's take on the show.

    First off is I think one of the most well known, Cloud8745. I've already summarized his antics for the wiki, though the links there may be out of date; you're better off starting with the linked name and working from there.

    Next we have NekoZombie17. This is one of the few Girl Guest playthroughs. Also, all the commentary's in the annotations, so if you want just a plain gameplay video, you just have to turn them off. Really nifty and quite amusing.

    Finally, we've got the one I'm looking at now, ShadowSoul1305. This one is in German, so there's no understanding the commentary unless you know German, but they use captions for the FMVs and overall the game's audio's still English. Since apparently he hadn't played it before, we get to see how you play when you don't know everyone's weaknesses from the start. ...Probably. Like I said, I don't know German and he may have read a walkthrough somewhere. I know some guys in Europe; maybe I can ask them if they know German could help make some subtitles or something (though something like that would probably have to wait 'til fall, I'm up to my neck in obligations as it is).

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    Re: Let's Play

    Post by myungnips on Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:38 am

    I love thw Cloud's gameplay. There is also a gameplay by Dayofthebread too!

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