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    Should there be a new wiki?


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    Should there be a new wiki?

    Post by supercomputer276 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:26 pm

    Currently the main wiki used the the GHS fandom (at least around here) is this one on Wikia. While it is a fine wiki in its own right, I find a number of things that make it inadequate for a primary GHS knowledge database.

    1. It is primarily focused on the video game. I think we can all agree that the game, despite apparently inspiring more of the fanfics on FF.net than the anime proper, is only a smart part of a greater whole. However, this also means information on the anime and manga, as well as the figure and card game, is unwelcome at best. The admin even said as much on my talk page. The focus is simply too narrow for a full GHS knowledge database.
    2. The admin is never there. This means the main page, the front of the wiki, looks like a mess and no one else can fix it because it's locked. There's no logo for Wikia's new format, the skin is the default white with blue highlights that fail to capture the mood of the show in any capacity, and a few of the templates add the pages their on to the template's category because they weren't written properly (and these, too, are locked)... and "Pingu Penguin" remains nigh uncontactable, so none of these can be resolved. Plus, this prevents us from convincing him/her to change the site's focus in order to solve the first problem.
    3. It has perpetrated the misspelling of Judgment Boy's name as "Judgement Boy" throughout the fandom, including here if I recall correctly. Admittedly a minor point, but that doesn't mean it's not wrong.

    Given all these reasons, I think it would be easier to make a new wiki than try to fix up the old one; it's the same logic for buying a new car after your old one's been in an accident. While I am planning the organization and sort of information that should be there, I probably won't begin actual building of a wiki, either on Wikia or elsewhere, until after Project Another World is completed (so we have a more-or-less complete knowledge of the manga to add to it).

    Leave me to worry about the hosting and such. The questions you need to be considering are: Should we attempt to create a new, more comprehensive GHS wiki? And if we do, what information should be included on it (full episode transcripts?) and how should that information all be organized (like, what category of things are so relatively minor that they should all be put on the same page, and what category of things is important enough each thing gets its own page)? I've a few ideas in mind, as stated, but this is definitely a community thing so I'm open to ideas.

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    Re: Should there be a new wiki?

    Post by Becca-chan on Wed Apr 18, 2012 8:05 am

    That sounds good to me I mean, as much as I adore the game and some of the backstories that come with it (if you're curious enough to look for them) the anime *was* and *is* where the whole starting point of the Gregory Horror Show francise began.

    Having things from the manga would be good as well~
    Although like you said, it'd probably have to be done once we'd completed the translation of the manga.

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