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    Post by Dragoneye47 on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:13 pm

    Name Registration...: [Robin]

    I like to go by...: [Robin]

    I've gained a few years...: [21]

    I'm a...: [female]

    Don't be fooled by my size: [5'7]

    Don't tell anyone, but I have a few feelings for...: [nobody, at the moment.]

    Welcome to Gregory House...: [Human]

    I can be awfully dangerous...: [Not really]

    People say I'm...: [shy at first, but opens up to others if they pose no threat. Can be sensitive at times, but is energetic on the inside]

    I have a love for...: [food, art and taller men, though I have not been in any relationships]

    I'd like to avoid...:[critics, any insects with stingers, and darkness]

    What haunts my dreams...: [Heights. I hate heights. Darkness as well, but going hungry is up there too.]

    "What am I doing wondering through this forest?": [I remember going home after an art show, but I ended up here instead. I hated the way those critics shot me down, and I spent the rest of the time eating my cares away.]

    A few more things you should be aware of...: [Has a particular love for meat of any kind, doesn't prefer vegetables, mushrooms and tomatoes especially.]

    Will you remember my face?: [though having a love for food, she is very thin. Her hair is long, down to her knees, and chocolate brown. Her favorite shirt is a dark grey, often worn with jeans. She wears yin-yang earrings and a couple gold bands around her fingers. She is almost never seen without her sketchbook and pencil, or her I-pod.]

    Like I always say...: ["The way to a woman's heart is through her art."]

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