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    GHS dreams


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    GHS dreams Empty GHS dreams

    Post by Moony on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:55 pm

    I was wondering if some of you ever had GHS related dreams. Personally I had three of them :
    The first one was in the hotel except it looked totally different. There was alot of residents who didn't existed in the canon (when I was spying through the door , there was like twenty of them in a room). I think I saw the Clock , Mummies and Cactus family though..
    I remember I went out of the hotel and there was another building nearby (it was alot smaller than the hotel). I entered and faced a really small corridor with only two doors.I spyed through the one in front of me and a saw a dining room , exactly the same as in the game.
    I went in the only other room , and I realized it was a kitchen (It was alot bigger than in the game).Then I heard the door open and I hid quickly in a corner , next to the fridge. I could only see the oven in front of me and suddenly Hell Chef came into my sight. Of course He saw me , and I did the smartest , non suicidal thing ever *cough* : I pushed him to escape.
    I started to run , but as soon as I reached the corridor he caught me and I woke up at the exact moment he stabbed me with his knife.
    I can only remember one thing for the second one : Gregory was doing his rounds in the hotel and the closer I was to him , the more distorded the music became.
    As for the third , It was someone roleplaying Hell Chef on Livejournal .(I can only wish T_T) , As far as I remember , he/she was keeping him in character.

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    GHS dreams Empty Re: GHS dreams

    Post by Becca-chan on Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:47 am

    I've had a few Gregory Horror Show dreams before, although I can't remember them well; I wrote a few down somewhere.

    There was one dream I had where a lot of the residents were human children ( Hmmm...I wonder what on earth my subconscious must be telling me to do; perhaps draw more of my fancomic maybe?) but Nekozombie ( of all people) was still his usual stitched-up feline self.

    In this dream, he was hiding in a darkened room ( not his cell) and peeking out through a crack in the door...now that was just plain creepy.
    He appeared to be in a panic about something and was saying ( presumably to the guest) about how 'Gregory-ville' ( yes, somehow purgatory was named after Gregory in the dream ) had a rather dark history behind it.
    The others then got angry with him for some reason.
    ( Although I think that this dream came from the fact that Bryony played on the Gregory Horror Show game last night; at one point we'd gone into his room and he was running around in a mad frenzy, he was saying about how the souls belonged to The evil Gregory Mama! )

    Then there was one where I had a dream about visiting my Nan, and on the way home we passed a park.
    t was approaching evening and I saw Hell's Chef from Gregory Horror Show go waddling/ running along the path with an angry look on his face ( or rather, his eyes were angry since you can't really see his face ) and me and my sister talked about him; then I can remember that I just said to Bryony " He must be coming back from the market"
    And that's when I woke up.

    I don't quite get why I had such a dream ( then again, does anyone ever understand why they have the dreams that they have?) but I'm glad that I managed to have a character from Gregory Horror Show pop up in it.

    The first time I had a dream with a Gregory Horror Show character in it, it was of Lost Doll chasing me around the hotel!

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    GHS dreams Empty Re: GHS dreams

    Post by Wtfdiaries on Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:33 am

    i had a quite a few.... i dont know where i put them though... :/

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    GHS dreams Empty Re: GHS dreams

    Post by maddly on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:29 pm

    i had this one last night
    i was stuck in this elevator with these other people
    and this girl from my school was trying to break in and kill us for some reason
    and gregory was in a corner with a bonnet on standing over a dead body
    what exactly

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    GHS dreams Empty Re: GHS dreams

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