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    Roleplay Rules


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    Roleplay Rules

    Post by SonicHearts on Sun May 02, 2010 5:28 pm

    For your own roleplays, you are allowed to come up with the rule you want; but if you're like me, and tend to be too lazy, or want rules like these, all you gotta do is refer to these rules; indicating which you'd prefer (For example, when tell of rules, just say "The rules here include rules number 1, 2, 3- but only [so-and-so part of it here]") since I do present optional uses.

    1. No Godmodding - This rule has to apply to ALL roleplays. Cause seriously. Admittedly, the guest do cheat death on many occasions, however, this does not mean you can't die, if possible. This also means people can't suddenly teleport to a different room or location. Don't matter if you want to interact with someone; if they're in another room, they're in another room. Get your lazy butt moving and walk >:I lol

    2. Literacy - Most of this is something options. However, I will not allow 'chat/text speak', which is bascially "LOL *he jumped 2 the g8t*" or something along those lines. We've all been through school, we know how to type, and we have a vocabulary. What is optional, is how much you type. In forum roleplays, the best amount for a post is at least one paragraph(5 sentences). More than that would be lovely, but as for less, try to keep it to about three sentences. Otherwise it's hard to think of a good response, isn't it? This kind of thing is part of how roleplays die >__> And let us not forever our friends "" and **. This is another point of your choice, though it tends to be prefered to use "" when speakings and exclude ** in any action. However, this is completely up to you, since it still is possible to be literate even with stars[**]. For thoughts, you can use '' and/or italics.

    3. Point of View[PoV] - Roleplays range from two PoV cases. There is first-person [I walked down the dark halls, shivers vibrating up my spin. Could this place be anymore creepy?] and Third-person[John walked down the dark halls, shivers vibrating up his spine. 'Could this place be anymore creepy?' he thought with dread.] Third-person tends to be the most wanted. Also, forgive my terrible examples Razz
    If you are playing as more than one character, third person may be your best bet.

    4. Original Characters[OCs] - OCs are your own character creations. Feel free to come up with what you like. Try and keep flaws and such realistic. I don't want to have to make harsh restrictions to certain things. We're all smart people, we know how these kinds of things work, right? Razz
    Your OCs can either be human guest, who had the unfortunate chance of wandering into the hotel, or already permanent guest of the hotel who are now creatures of the other world.
    With any characters you create, make sure to fill out a profile sheet in the profile sub-forum and simply link to them with your introduction into the roleplay on your post.
    -- Also, it is perfectly fine if you want your characters to be aware of the other world from knowing about the show and game in our world. I see no harm in it :] 'Cause even if you know about Gregory House, doesn't mean you'll know everything that goes on there, right? ;]

    5. Canon Characters - Canon Characters are the characters from the series[ex. Gregory, Mummy Papa, James, etc] In a roleplay either sort out who will be playing who, or let them be open to everyone to switch off. It's up to you. Make sure to be in character! :]
    For both Ocs and Canons, you can play as many as you want, if you can handle it. Don't overwhelm yourself if you think you can't keep up.

    6. Violence - This show is obviously violent. Everyone is trying to kill you after all, even if they don't intend to. However, it is something of cartoon-violence, so nothing extremely gory. Just blood and cuts and small gashes is all that is probably needed. Don't be afraid to get a little scary though Razz
    Don't kill other people's character without their permission. Take note that if you die, you run into death, who may offer another chance back, if you want to take it. Or, you can be a lost soul forever.

    7. Romance - I mentioned a few things earlier about love and crushes. Those still stand. However, it does not limit you to having a bit of crushes and romance going on. Just keep things to somewhere around PG-13 is you don't mind. No cybering here. That's more for private roleplays. Also, don't be one of those people who focus only on their love interest, and choose not to role play with anyone else. It's rude, and very boring. Be willing to role play with everyone, if you please.

    8. Language - Cursing is fine here. Just don't over use it, please.

    9. Out of Character[OoC] - When speaking OOC in a roleplay, please use either (),[], ::, or whatever you prefer that shows you are speaking outside of the roleplay. To get into bigger conversations about the roleplay while waiting for post, please feel free to go to the Out of Character sub-forum.

    More to be added if needed. I hope it all helps! :]
    Most important rule! HAVE FUN! <3

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